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Pedors Orthopedic Shoes Style # 800 Stretch Walker Touch Close


The Stretch Walker offers a seamless stretchable forefoot which allows for swelling and other ailments such as bunions, hammertoes, and joint pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

Vibram sole

available in full & half sizes.

124971+ Wide  6.5 – 17
124972+ XWide  6    – 14
124973+ XXWide 7.5  – 17
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The Pedors Stretch Walker Extra Depth Shoes For Swollen Feet & Hammertoes

Are these shoes only for swollen feet or hammertoes?

The Pedors Stretch Walker are extra depth shoes designed for people with swollen feet, hammertoes, forefoot problems and braces.  They are also worn by people who have a need for very deep and wide shoes due to substantial orthotic devices, bandaging or other foot problems.

• Main Features:Leather Uppers, Deep Shoes, Removable Insoles, Hammertoe Stretch Panel.

What makes them so special?

The Stretch Walkers have many useful design features.

The stretch panel in the top of the shoe which is great for people with hammertoes.

The double touch closure of the shoe offers a quick and easy way to place the foot inside the shoe. Often this design is chosen when the shoe is fitted with an orthotic or a bracing device. This type of closure is also preferred by people with arthritis and people with difficulty reaching their feet to get there shoes on and off.

Three layers of insoles offer extra depth providing a solution for leg length discrepancy where one leg is longer than the other which can help bring the hip and the lower back into alignment.

This shoe was designed with a wide mid foot to create enhanced medial and lateral stability. As people age muscle strength in the leg supporting the knee and ankle can diminish. This can lead to difficulties in maintaining balance and “postural sway” which can in turn lead to a fall. The right “balanced” footwear often fitted in conjunction with a balance foot device, can help reduce the risk of fall and is considered a key component of fall prevention. Seek professional guidance from your local Podiatrist to assess the risk of fall and the need for a footwear fall prevention strategy.

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